And so it begins…

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After living all my life in B.C’s lower mainland, I never thought I would ever leave.

As an avid traveller and lover of the Caribbean, I enjoyed my time away from the grey drizzle of the rainforest; however, Vancouver would always call me home, until…

A few years ago, I met my sweet. A kind and loving man who has travelled the world with the military and continues to have trouble staying in one place. Although he speaks romantically of grand landscapes and mornings together with coffee on a deck, his vision is forever changing from mountains to beaches and back again. I’m graciously thankful, all those visions continue to include me (and coffee). We laugh together, and dream of sharing our stories of travel and adventure.

As a ER RN, I have many stories to tell, the rewards and challenges of daily events, patient experiences, and facility issues both test the fabric of my being and give me strength to carry on. Without my sweet as a guide, these stories would just be whispers on the wind; however, they will now find there way to these pages.

As we set out, two nomads together, we shall find ourselves, find each other, and tell our tales of our wondrous adventures…

Here is the link to Jerad’s blog.





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