Flowers & the Mid-West


Sometimes, people enter your life as if they were always meant to be there…

Despite my reluctance to date an American, my sweet was able to steal my heart. He told me Canada was his new home…Was I fool, to believe those caring green eyes and tender heart?

Our relationship flourished, we travelled, and life was grand. As our first anniversary of togetherness approached, many things had changed; we had moved, my father had a stroke, my son joined the army and the security of my sweets job was weak. We understood changes within his company were unavoidable and the needed for him to change jobs was obvious. Regardless of the promise that Canada was now his home, the reality of staying was over powered by the need to move.

Attempting to find another job in Canada with a company willing to sponsor him would be difficult and so the job hunt south of the 49th commenced…

Now, when given the chance to move to the USA, there are 50 states to choose from. Some states are cold, others tropical, some states beautiful, some with mountains, some with shorelines and some, well…flat with lots of corn. The Geography of the USA has much to offer and plenty to choose from, needless to say when I was approached with the idea of moving to the USA I was flooded with many visions of mountains ,or beaches, or both. To much my surprise, I did not expect to be presented with INDIANA! Indiana, who goes there, what’s there, where the heck is it anyways? After living in beautiful Vancouver BC, my whole life, the idea of moving was frightening to say the least, but Indiana, WOW!

butter and flowers

I mustered up everything I had emotionally and put the question of “where?” aside and understood that as scary as this move was, I never wanted to have regrets. I believe this is the man I am meant to be with, where he goes I go and he wasn’t leaving me behind. Letting him go without me would be a far bigger regret than I could imagine and so we ventured off together to Indiana…the crossroads of the mid-west, where the adventures continue…

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