Job Hunting

I think the adventure started before ethumb_COLOURBOX11901355ven leaving the country. In retrospect, if I had more time to research the licensing process for each state, I would have made some very different decisions. As it turns out, many states require a social security number (SSN) before you can even apply for a license, and yes, Indiana is one of those states. Why is this such a big deal, well…you can’t get a license without a SSN, you can’t get a job with out a a license and yes, you can’t get a SSN without a job. Understanding this barrier, I still opted to pack up all my stuff and move to Indiana; although, officially there as a visitor, until I could secure my visa. I knew the paperwork was just needing more time and the demand for nurses will always spur the industry to find a way to recruit and secure good nurses. Delusional maybe, but I felt that if I was in Indiana, I could convince an employer to hire me and they would provide a letter of employment, and from there I could get my SSN and license. Surely, if there is such a demand for nurses, employers would be willing to work with nurse who have exemplary credentials such as myself, No?

Well, despite being a qualified and sought out emergency room nurse, employers were either not willing or able to wait the time for a job-interview_o_2856793license application to be approve. I had received calls from several departments wishing to hire me; however, only if I had already obtained an Indiana nursing license. Frustration grew and my bank account shrunk, I needed a job.

Travel nursing agencies are companies that work with healthcare companies, providing nursing and other services on a contract or as needed basis. Currently in the USA there are several nursing agencies to choose from, all offer slightly different services, with slightly different wages and benefit packages; however for the most part, are all pretty much the same. Choosing an agency to work with is a difficult choice if you don’t have any point of reference or recommendations. I had consulted with a few fellow nurses and then hoped I made the right decision. Working with an agency was going to allow me the opportunity to secure a TN visa, obtain a SSN and start to earn dollars, but there is always a catch…

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