Colorado Trail

While living in Colorado, we had an amazing opportunity to challenge ourselves with the hike of a lifetime…

Not my idea, not my plan, not my dream, but WOW what an amazing opportunity to hike almost 60 miles over 5 days with my wonderful sweet and his friend Tyler! Talk about climbing a mountain to learn something about yourself! There are many lessons to learn on this type of trip and when you are sitting on the ground crying out to the universe “I’m not having any fun!”, you learn that it’s only up from there…literally!

A couple of tips that I learned the hard way…

  1. Don’t over pack…See that backpack I’m carrying in the video? It’s at least 45 lbs, way over what someone my size should carry! Next time I pack smarter & lighter!
  2. Food! Eat it! We packed a lot of food and hardly ate, well that’s probably due to altitude sickness BUT, we needed to be more reasonable about what food to bring and how much we eat!
  3. Make it your own experience…We may have been traveling with each other, but making the journey as your own personal growth experience is very valuable!
  4. Take more pictures & videos! If you’re going to carry that darn camera, use it!!
  5. Listen to your body! Just because you live at 5,000 feet doesn’t mean you won’t feel the altitude at 11,500 feet! Rest, fluids, oh and rest!
  6. FEET! Man, those feet are the only thing between you and the earth, take care of them, get good footwear, and don’t wait till the last minute to break in your shoes!
  7. Don’t pick the hardest sections to start your journey! We started at Molas Pass and headed south…the highest & toughest sections of the trails BUT the most beautiful!

Gosh, are we ready to go again guy?

What’s your biggest adventure? I’d love to hear your story, post in the comments!

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