Side Gig…

During my time in Colorado, I met some amazing people. One of those people happened to be this enthusiastic young woman, Amanda. I happened to meet her while working at an ED as an agency nurse. Amanda approached me one day talking about this amazing skin care company she was working on. She explained to me all the wonderful benefits the company offered, how amazing the products were, and how this was an awesome opportunity. As the usual skeptic that I am, I brushed her off and continued on with my life.

A few months later, I order some products. I started with the REDEFINE to combat the sign of aging, 50 was soon approaching. Well, I hate to say it, but she was right, the products are amazing, and I saw the opportunity. This company was new to Canada and it could be an excellent source of residual income. I signed up as a consultant and began my journey. I supposed this opportunity also allowed for a small distraction from the stress and chaos of my life at the time.

What we are talking about here is Rodan + Fields. These two doctors, dermatologists, were the founders of Proactiv and now have moved on to creating skin care products, focused on the four main areas of concern for adult skin. As a consultant, I have had the ease and privilege to try and use almost all of the products and I love all of them and the benefits they offer!! #1 Skincare Brand in North America in 2018.jpg

The reason I tell you this, is because I believe it to be important to do a few things…

1. Take care of yourself including your skin (advise from a nurse). Your skin is your largest organ and needs a little TLC.

2. If there are opportunities to make some cash on a side gig, or even making it your only gig, why not! When you find a reputable company, that offers products that work, that pays good commissions, and gives awesome rewards, TAKE IT!

3. When you look good, you feel good!

So, although this space is not for selling products, if interested, I’ll provide a link to my webpage where you can find products that suit your skin type. I am available for consultation and any questions you might have.

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