My eyes fill with tears as I listen to a song,

One that reminds me of where I belong.

Where that is can seem very unclear,

My vision is better when you are near.

I drive through the darkness to be there with you,

Searching for the strength to get me through.

Although you don’t realize the depth of my love,

Together we are a team that fits like a glove.

From the minute you became a part of me,

Together we are bonded through eternity.

I nurture you through all, sickness and health,

I give you everything, with the exception of wealth.

The things you desire, I wish I could provide.

Yet what brings us close is the chance to confide.

You are my DAUGHTER, my love, life, and pride.

Together forever, you by my side.

Trudi 11/27/96


feature image photo: unknown source, no copyright infringement is intended

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