Introduction to Indy…

Several months ago my son asked me if we could dog sit for about 6 months while he was serving his country. Of course we said we could, it would be the right thing to do…IMG_1515

It’s been nearly 2 years since we had a dog living with us, and about 15 months since our previous dog passed away. Our last pooch was a large German Shepard, who was reasonably trained but not without issues. He had a dislike for other dogs, a sensitive stomach, and I’m pretty sure he thought he owned me. I swore that we would not being getting a dog anytime soon and definitely not a large dog!! Currently we live in 300 sq feet and we barely have room for ourselves but for a short term good cause, I’ll make an exception.

Indy (short for Indiana as in Jones), is a 6 yr old Lab/Shepard cross rescue puppy, who had some severe malnutrition and attachment issues when my son adopted her several years ago. Since her adoption, she has been well cared for and has grown into a 92 Lb furry cuddle monster! We welcomed Indy into our tiny home on Sep 23, I’ll remember this date vividly because I’m sure it was the last time I got a full night sleep!

Day 1

Earlier in the day…

Oh, it’s so nice to have a loving dog around, one who loves to cuddle and be pet! She laid at our feet and loved all the attention. We had some ears perk up with car noises, but overall a good start!


Me: Indy, why are you standing at the door to the bedroom whining?

Me thinking: Oh, goodness, she’s lonely and misses her daddy! Come here and lay down beside the bed, I’ll pet you and reassure you that everything is going to be ok!

Me: “Come here”!

Indy: YIPPEEE! I’m getting the middle spot!!

Before I knew it, a very large dog was happily laying between myself and my spouse Jerad! Being our first night with Indy, and knowing how unhappy the poor doggo was, I couldn’t kick her off the bed but I soon learned, this will be the only night we let this happen. At times I was being trampled, I had a tail in my face, and for most of the night I was pinned down by either her weight on the blankets or her head and body laid across mine!

Then we were quickly reminded that she is an early bird…6am Alberta time is Indy’s wake up time! So needless to say 0500 our time, a large dog was standing on the bed looking me square in the eye wondering why I wasn’t up feeding her!

This could possibly be a very looonnnngggggg 6 months…


What 1st day doggie stories do you have?

fullsizeoutput_1e3c The doggie momma (Trudi)





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