Life with Indy~Day 2…

If you caught my last story about our doggie visitor Indy, you learned that my tiny home, particularly my bed is not big enough for myself, Jerad, & a 92 lb dog!

On day 2, we decided that Indy needed to sleep on her bed, in the living room! I believe I can compare the beginning of our night to a similar experience as putting a toddler to bed.

Me: “Go lay down Indy”

“You are too far away hooman”

Indy: staring at me from the doorway

Me: “Indy! Go lay down on your bed!”

Indy: *blink *blink


I’m not sure how many times she required redirection to go sleep on her bed, but she did finally settle onto her bed. Now, remember, I live in 300 sq feet!

The location of Indy’s bed is literally 20 feet from me. I can lean out my bed, look down the hallway and see her on her bed! So, although she will tell you it was pure torture to be that far away, don’t listen to her…it really wasn’t that bad!

As we all drifted off to sleep feeling like we had won the battle, this was the night that the rain and wind would decided to make an entrance at about 2:30 am. Because we live in a trailer, when it rains the sound of the drops against the trailer roof ca


n be soothing and makes you feel like you are camping (well, technically we are always camping). Except if you are a dog, away from home, and not familiar to the sounds and motion of the trailer. Hence, about the time the rain and wind picked up, so did the whining. Again, we started the coaxing back to the bed, with no luck for nearly an hour. It was about 3:30 am, that Jerad got up and went to sleep on the couch next to Indy’s bed. Just having him there, she fell asleep for the rest of the night, at least someone got some sleep! An hour later 0430, after getting about 4 hours sleep, I crawled myself out of bed to head to work and left Indy to nap, ALL. DAY. LONG!

Day 2, still no sleep…eventually, we will get there, yeah?

Do you have a story about transitioning a new pet into your home?

fullsizeoutput_1e3c Tired doggie momma (Trudi)

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