Life with Indy~It rains here

We have had Indy staying with us for just over a month. We’ve all had to make some adjustments and change a few routines to accommodate this big doggie into our lives!

Because we live in a tiny home, having a large dog in our space, certainly raises the issue of how do we make more space. Well, we can’t add on to our home but we do have the outdoor space…

DE494EB9-CA01-4D35-8EA9-3B6160FFDD57_1_201_aIn the first 2 weeks of Indy living with us, she managed to get through or under the fence twice, additionally, she was at least once witnessed returning from a stroll near the road; both of these styles of independence are concerning and makes direct supervision required. We have implemented a long lead, which is attached to our front steps to give her more outdoor time but it is not a covered space. Indy enjoys being outside and watching the wildlife, so hanging out on this lead does work…on non-wet days!

While the lead does work for extra roaming space, it limits exercise and restricts the distance of movement. To combat this, I have adopted an almost daily routine of walking Indy; however, this is also a new routine for me, and getting out everyday for a walk takes some ambition. Although, I don’t deny that I can also use the walk too, it feels like a task at times and is hard to get motivated, again, especially on those rainy and wet days, it is Vancouver ya know! And if you are a dog owner you know what dog and rain equal…

On the best of days our tiny home is starting to smell like dog!!! And on those rainy days WET DOG smell is our new perfume! In an effort to reduce how much of the dog gets wet, I’ve bought her a raincoat…my son is going to kill me for dressing up his dog but really, it’s for her safety, it’s reflective of course!

EF5AC068-66F5-48B7-B253-186D5125B056_1_201_aAnd lastly, in an effort to get her some exercise that I don’t have to participate in, I am in the process of getting her registered for a doggie daycare! Wow, not only is this task a process but it’s also expensive! If you love dogs and have the space, I highly recommend researching this money cow! Now, don’t get me wrong, I want highly trained people with clean and appropriate facilities and I am willing to pay for the best care of our dog, but yikes!

So, as we enter winter here in the rainforest, enduring some wet days are definitely in our future. Combating doggie boredom is our main task and hopefully we are on the right track!

How do you combat doggie odors without exposing yourself to chemical air fresheners?

fullsizeoutput_1e3c Doggie Momma (Trudi)






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