Life with Indy~Daycare

Well, we did it! What I thought was going to be a bigger deal, turned out to be pretty easy! In fact, dropping Indy off at daycare was reasonably smooth…

We’ve had some difficult times with excitability and getting out of the car safely but we haven’t really haven’t had enough time to work on this task. My intention was to practice patience while exiting the car through repetitive work here at home, some guy name Pavlov told me about this process. My thoughts were just getting into the car, sitting, waiting and exiting on command, I think my intentions are good (usually are) but with the rain this past week and all the other tasks in my life, it just didn’t happen. So we hoped for the best and prepared to wrangle a 90 lbs dog.

Into the car she hopped, and off we went…77EA36B8-50B4-4821-9EFD-0EBFCA2EC8D7_1_201_a

It’s a short ride to the chosen daycare but to a dog does it matter? Do they have a sense of time…or is any car ride awesome?

Now, I am a quick learner and a pretty smart gal, fool me once! When I put Indy in the car, I tethered her in so even if she got out, she wasn’t getting away from me! I was pretty proud actually that I was able to control her and have her sit and wait before jumping out of the back of the car, we are certainly making progress!

As we entered the daycare, of course she was curious, there are a lot of new smells in there and by the smell of it, lots of doggie friends to make, but first we had to be assessed for safety and compatibility! The worker took Indy’s leash and off they went, Indy didn’t even look back, should I feel sad that she doesn’t even miss me?


I left Indy at the center for about 5 hours and when I picked her up she was excited but calm. Her report card was positive and the outlook for being welcomed back was great!

I think we found a place to occupy some of our time!

As most dogs would, Indy slept pretty good that night, she didn’t seem any worse for wear after her day in a different environment. So our plans now are to routinely take her for some play and social time!

Don’t let any bad doggies influence you badly Indy while you are at playtime!

fullsizeoutput_1e3c More relaxed Doggie Momma (Trudi)

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