Living with Indy~Sick days

No one like feeling under the weather with cough due to cold. Recently, I was pondering what does a dog might feel like when their tummy is upset. Do they feel the same blah that women might feel, or is it more like the death death bed of a man?


Recently, after a day at daycare, Indy woke me up with whines at midnight. It was clear she needed to go outside, and her pacing and pooping ritual was pretty obvious she was sick. After that she woke us at 2:30am, again at 5:00am, and she needed out every 2-3 hours to empty her tummy.

Although, Indy is a relatively healthy dog, she was a stray before my son adopted her. I have to wonder how that impacted her digestion and food sensitivities. Or would she have been sensitive to foods regardless, dogs do have allergies…


So we em-barked (lol) on the rice and chicken diet for a few days. I find it interesting that I did more cooking for the dog that week, than I might have for my spouse, spoiled dog!


It took approximately 3 days for Indy to start feeling better and another 1-2 for her tummy to return to normal, but as a dog sitting grandparent, those 4- 5 days felt like forever, as I felt the need to be hyper vigilant. Caring for someone else’s pet is a new level of responsibility that I didn’t expect. I’m concerned everyday about her health and wellbeing. I t
hink about what’s best for her and put her needs above my own, I guess this is what we are suppose to do but surprisingly it’s a layer of stress that you don’t anticipate.

Now that Indy is feeling better, I pack her snacks to take to daycare hoping to ward off another incident. So the doggo takes a doggie bag to school…

Here’s hoping for an uneventful remainder of her visit!

Do you have doggie stories you’d like to share? Post them in the comments!

fullsizeoutput_1e3c Doggie Chef (Trudi)

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