Living with Indy~Hunting

It has become our morning routine to “trust” Indy to go outside by herself. This hasn’t always been the case. For much of her time with us, due to a number of events that lead us into a distrusting relationship, Indy has required supervised bathroom breaks. Events, that you’ll find documented in previous posts, such as a scaling the fence (twice), a roll in the deer poop (required 2 baths), and an escape out of the car that I was certain was going to be the end of her or me have given us great stories but have also left lasting effects of leeriness. 3BE5A342-4195-4737-9FF9-22F29CF256D3_1_201_a

For a few weeks now, Indy has been a good girl. She goes out in the AM unsupervised, does her business, and returns when called. This is a big event in our lives and a welcomed relief!

Recently, while getting ready for work, I let Indy out to use the local facilities. It was approximately 0530, dark, and the rest of the occupants of the property were all sound asleep. After a few minutes, I poked my head out the door and whistled for her, nothing…

After a few more minutes, I called and whistled for her again…nothing!

So back inside I go to put some shoes and a coat on, just in case I needed to go for a trek to find the doggo. I stepped outside, and as I reached the corner of the trailer, I witnessed  the chase of a lifetime. There are many different animals that live on this property from deer to mice and many other creatures in between and I’m certain Indy would chase them all!

7DC0F4F8-53F0-4794-AAAA-50F6B3A721F5_4_5005_cSo, in the dark of the morning, when the streak of a light haired critter followed by a dark haired rocket bolted by me across the driveway and into the black of the trees, I shouldn’t have been surprised. But, initially I was startled by the raucous and was totally caught off guard by what was happening until I heard the scream of the animal, then I quickly realized that Indy was on the hunt.

While trying to not wake up the neighborhood, I called for Indy, she came when called but she carried in her mouth the dead rabbit that I’m sure she would have eaten if I let her! After convincing her to drop it, we went back inside to contemplate the morning events, make a plan for disposing of the evidence, and figuring out a way that I could stop hearing the scream of the rabbit…

It’s pretty clear that you can take the doggo out of the wilderness but a true animal will live within her heart.

Do your domestic animals have a favorite creature to chase? I’d love to read your story, be sure to post in the comments!

IMG_1560 Mortician (Trudi)



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