Crying alone is like rain on an untravelled road…

 Longing for shelter from a comforting hand, that will dry the tears of a long forgotten emotion.

A touch as soft as a budding rose, yet possesses the strength to hold together a broken soul.

Light hearted laugher that will bring a smile to the mask of sadness,

And allow the heaviness of the rain to disappear with the morning mist.

Trudi ’94


feature image photo: unknown source, no copyright infringement is intended

You showed me how…


You opened my eyes, to things that are new.

You showed me how, to make things come true.

You lead me down, a road with direction.

You gave me hope, of a love near perfection.


I saw things differently, with your guiding words.

I tried new tasks, and soared with the birds.

I followed your lead, until I couldn’t hold back.

I took my chances, and spoke only of fact.


We see that now, it’s harder that it seems.

We did our best, working within our means.

We travelled time, like a leaf in a stream.

We had it all, until we woke from the dream…

Trudi ’98