My eyes fill with tears as I listen to a song,

One that reminds me of where I belong.

Where that is can seem very unclear,

My vision is better when you are near.

I drive through the darkness to be there with you,

Searching for the strength to get me through.

Although you don’t realize the depth of my love,

Together we are a team that fits like a glove.

From the minute you became a part of me,

Together we are bonded through eternity.

I nurture you through all, sickness and health,

I give you everything, with the exception of wealth.

The things you desire, I wish I could provide.

Yet what brings us close is the chance to confide.

You are my DAUGHTER, my love, life, and pride.

Together forever, you by my side.

Trudi 11/27/96


feature image photo: unknown source, no copyright infringement is intended



My ears accept your words, without an utter from your voice.

Somehow what you say, are thoughts of my choice.

My mind to never tire, of listening to your dreams.

Somehow what you think, is the basis of my means.


My eyes welcome your glance, within your smile is my delight.

Somehow what you see, is a reflection of my sight.

Our souls to come together, this lifetime we are due.

Somehow who we are, are two hearts that are true.

Trudi 4/29/97