Living with Indy~Holiday

I never expected that dropping off a doggo to a kennel for an extended period of time would be so emotionally stressing…A3A0BB64-9F5A-48F0-9571-3D3B797BFDCC

We have been given the task to care for my son’s dog, she is a 90Lb Lab/Sheppard cross. She, Indy, will be with us for a total of 6 months while my son is serving in the military. Indy has started to settle in well, is learning our routines, and is enjoying lots of love and attention. And just when things are starting to feel more natural, our scheduled holiday was a welcomed reprieve for us but I’m not convinced 10 days in another new environment isn’t going to be the easiest for Indy.

The daycare/kennel we had chosen for Indy was close to home, well regarded, and experienced. Indy had spent one day a week at the daycare for several weeks, getting to know the staff and

190EBEB1-D5F7-4182-8522-4971C27EAF7F.jpegroutines of the facility. She always came home both tired and happy, which I took as a great sign!!

Dropping Indy off, for her, was a normal day at the center. For me, it was full of questions, such as will she feel abandoned, will she get enough cuddles, and how much time at home will she need to adjust all over again…

Thankfully, the daycare posted pictures each day while we were gone. Of course with treats, all the doggies looked happy and well adjusted! If only Indy could tell us her side of the experience, then we’d know the whole muddy story.

When I arrived to pick up Indy, it was like no time had passed. She was just as excited to see me as she usually was. She was bathed and wasn’t bringing home the smell of the daycare. She happily hopped into the back of the car and upon arriving home, promptly slept the rest of the day away.

Welcome home Indy, sleep well!

fullsizeoutput_1e3c Vacation planner (Trudi)

Living with Indy~Get a job

Having a dog as a pet is not a cheap adventure. Don’t you wish they could contribute monetarily, ya know…towards the cause!

Recently while picking Indy up from daycare, I was getting the visit update and report card for this energetic beast we call a dog. The staff have reported that Indy is settling well and although not too many introductions have been made to other doggos, she is slowing adjusting to the daycare environment. Even though she is spending most of her day outside, she is still excited to see me and has tons of energy left! 1A3EDE8E-1757-4037-AD9E-218AE8E2FB76.jpeg

Recently, the daycare informed me that there was a new dog brought to the facility and they were thinking of having Indy help the new dog get settled, kinda an ambassador or better yet a job! Well, as much as this new “job” is a win win for both Indy and the new dog, the take home pay is less than minimum wage, basically zero, but hopefully a more relaxed and tired dog is the offset! In the grand scheme of things, this is obviously not a full time job, and there are more important jobs for dogs out there in the big bad world but this little job is a small start for Indy!

Go get em!

IMG_1560 Doggie ATM (Trudi)