Consistently inconsistent!


One thing that holds true for most of us, especially me, is inconsistency. Yep, I am consistently inconsistent! I am so consistent with my inconsistency; it consistently affects everything I set out to do!

So, needless to say, when it comes to things like exercise, studying, or writing, I am consistently distracted. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these tasks and in fact I very much appreciate the benefits these tasks provide for me; however, committing the time is consistently difficult.

What does that mean for this page? Well, what I can promise you is I will consistently be inconsistent with my posts, I will consistently “disappear” for a while, but I will consistently show back up with a new energy, new vision, and a renewed sense of direction! Which is what I am doing now 🙂

What I am consistent with is always being grateful and thankful for you! I consistently appreciate the kindness and support my friends and family show me, no matter how inconsistent I am! Thank you all.

Stay tuned…